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General Troubleshooting Guide

For troubleshooting printer problems, click here or for other options, call our Technical Support at   .

Questions & Problems:

  1. Scanner Not Found.
  2. The Computer Locks.
  3. Bad Images.
  4. Printer/ Printing Problems.
  5. How to Questions.
  6. Installation Problems/ Solutions for the OpticPro 9636T.
  7. OCR (optical character recognition).
  8. Error Messages.
  9. Common Questions
  10. All Flatbed Scanners: Troubleshooting Printer Problems
  11. OpticPro 9636T: The message "Setup was unable to find the installation languages in D:\install\setup.lib file" is displayed.
  12. OpticPro 9636T: The message "Uninstaller failed to initialize.  You may not be able to uninstall this product." is displayed.
  13. OpticPro 9636T: The color copies made with the Action Manager 32 Copy Utility are red
  14. OpticPro 9636T: The message "A fatal exception OE has occurred at 0028:C0230810 in VxD VMM(0D)+00001810. The current application will be terminated" is displayed.
  15. OpticPro 9636T:  The scanner makes a loud noise and the light bar doesn't move when the "Prescan" button is pressed.
  16. General Information
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Table of Contents
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