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Answers to Troubleshooting Questions

Bad images.

Symptom: The scanned image looks grainy on the screen.

Cause: Your video mode is not set to show more than 256 colors.

Solution: We recommend that you set your video mode to 16 bits per pixel (65536 colors) or higher. Please consult your video card, computer or Windows 95 documentation to change the video mode.

Symptom: The image looks good in the software that came with the scanner but it doesn't look good when I export the image to another program.

Cause: Different imaging programs use different Monitor Gamma settings.

Solution: Change the Monitor Gamma settings in either of the programs so that they match. Please consult the help files for each program to find out how to adjust the Monitor Gamma.

Symptom: The image looks good in the screen but is very dark when printed.

Cause1: The Monitor Gamma Settings or the scanner brightness settings are not set properly.

Solution 1: 1) Change the Monitor Gamma to a value between 1.0 and 1.5. Please consult your help file for information on how to adjust the Monitor Gamma. 2) Adjust the brightness control in the TWAIN window before scanning.

Cause2: The printer's brightness setting is not set properly.

Solution 2: Adjust the brightness in the printer. Some printers allow you to change the brightness settings. Please consult your printer's documentation.

Symptom: There is a yellow or green line in the right hand side of the scanned document.

Cause: These color lines are shown if the parallel port type is detected or set improperly.

Solution1: Make sure that the Parallel Port Mode is set to EPP or Bi-directional in your computer BIOS. Consult your computer's manual on how to make changes to the BIOS.

Solution2: Edit the SYSTEM.INI file and type the following line in the [ScannerParameters] section and save the changes:


Note: If you haven't edited this file before, make a backup copy of the SYSTEM.INI file.

Solution3: Update your driver installation to the latest driver on the Plustek USA website

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