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Answers to Troubleshooting Questions

Error messages.

Symptom: A "..disk is full.." error is displayed when I click on the scan button.

Cause: Your computer is running low in resources. Your computer's hard disk drive doesn't have enough space to process the image. This may be because you are scanning at too high of a resolution.

Solution: Obtain a larger hard disk or rescan at a lower resolution.

Symptom: A "disk I/O error" message is displayed.

Cause 1: This error is caused if the hard disk drive doesn't have enough space available to process the image.

Solution 1: Make some space available in the hard disk drive by deleting any programs or files that you don't need.

Cause 2: Your hard disk drive might be heavily fragmented or it might contain some bad sectors.

Solution: Run the Scan Disk utility that came with your Windows 95 computer.   Please consult your computer's documentation or the Windows 95 help files on how to run the Scan Disk Utility.

Cause 3: This message is displayed in some computers when some of the TWAIN filters are used.

Solution 3: Don't use any of the TWAIN filters. Please contact our WEB site and download our newest installation.

Symptom: The error message "The OLE file COMPBJ is locked and can't be updated" is displayed.

Cause: Your Office short cut bar (the bar that launches your office suite application) is open.

Solution: Close the Office short cut bar before you install or use the scanner.

Symptom: The error message "MGXBM10.DLL id linked to missing export PCDLIB32.DLL: PCDSETLUT" is displayed when opening Picture Publisher 6.0.

Cause: The PCDLIB32.DLL file is corrupted or it needs to be updated.

Solution: Download the new MOXBM10.DLL or Micrografx1.EXE from our Web site.

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