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Answers to Troubleshooting Questions

Error Message: "Scanner not found"

Symptom: The error "Scanner not Found" is displayed.

Cause 1: Scanner was not initialized after the installation because the computer was not restarted.

Solution 1: Restart the computer.

Cause 2: The cables are not connected properly.

Solution 2: Make sure that the cables are connected tightly and to the proper port.

Cause 3: The printer cable might be too long.

Solution 3: Use a Bi-directional printer cable that is 6 feet long or shorter.

Cause 4: The scanner cable might have been changed.

Solution 4: If you move your scanner to another computer, make sure that you use the cable that came with your scanner.

Cause 5: The scanner's AC adapter is not connected properly.

Solution 5: Make sure that the AC adapter is connected to an outlet. If the scanner is connected to a Surge Protector, make sure that the Surge Protector is turned on.

Cause 6: The Printer Port mode in the BIOS might not be set up properly.

Solution 6: Change the Parallel Port mode in your computer's BIOS to EPP or Bi-directional. Consult your computer's manual on how to make changes to the BIOS.

Cause 7: The Parallel Port I/O address is not set properly.

Solution 7: Change the Port address, 378h or 3BCh is recommended.

Cause 8: There are some parallel ports that are not detected properly by the Scanner Utility, therefore, we need to make the changes manually.

Solution 8: Edit the SYSTEM.INI file and type the following line in the [ScannerParameters] section and save the changes (Please note this solution is not applicable for the OpticPro 9636T model):



Note: If you haven't edited this file before, make a backup copy of the SYSTEM.INI file.

Cause 9: Your printer might be conflicting with the scanner.

Solution 9: Disconnect the printer from the back of the scanner and try to scan. If the scanner works with the printer disconnected then you need to install a second parallel port.

Cause 10: You might need to update the LPT.VXD file that controls the parallel port in Windows 95.

Solution 10: Contact Microsoft's WEB site and download the LPT.VXD file.

Cause 11: Your parallel port might be old or not stable.

Solution 11: If none of the solutions mentioned above worked, then we recommend that you install a new parallel port that supports EPP.

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