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What are the minimum system requirements for Plustek Scanners?

Parallel Port Scanners:

USB Scanners

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What is the difference between 24-bit vs. 30-bit scanning?
Answer: White Paper "24-bit vs. 30-bit Scanning- What are the differences?"
What is the speed of a color scan?
Answer: The speed of a color scan depends on the computer, parallel port mode and the resolution of the scan.
What is the maximum resolution?
Answer: The optical resolution as well ad the maximum resolution differs between the Plustek Scanner line.
The OpticPro 4800P, FBII, 4830P, FBIII, 600P, and 4831P are all 300 x 600 DPI optical resolution scanners with a maximum resolution of 4800 x 4800 DPI.
The OpticPro 9630P, FBIV, 9636P, 12000P, FBIVP, 9636T, and 9636P+, 1200T, P12, UT12, U12B and 1212U are all 600 x 1200 DPI optical resolution scanners with a maximum resolution of 9600 x 9600 DPI
What is an enhanced parallel port (EPP)? 
Answer: The EPP standard provides for high speed bi-directional communication between the PC and an external peripheral (OpticPro) and can communicate 50 to 100 times faster than original parallel ports (SPP). It can do this and still be fully backward compatible with all existing parallel port peripherals and printers.
If I do not have an EPP will the OpticPro still work?  
Answer: Yes/No. OpticPro operates with any "industry standard" parallel port type, however we strongly recommend using an EPP card, or Plustek's ScanPort.
What does TWAIN stand for?  
Answer: Technology without an interesting name (TWAIN). TWAIN is the industry standard for scanning under the Microsoft Windows architecture.
Where is OpticPro manufactured?  
Answer: Taiwan ROC
What is the difference between optical resolution and interpolated resolution?   
Answer: Optical resolution is the actual resolution of the scanner. Interpolated is the resolution enhanced by software intervention.
Does OpticPro need an I/O card or cable?    
Answer: A cable is required to connect the scanner to your PC, but OpticPro does not require an I/O card because it connects to the computer's parallel port.
How many passes does it take to complete a scan?
Answer: All Plustek's scanners are single-pass.
What are the dimensions?     
Answer: The dimensions varies depending on the model of the scanner.
What is the maximum scanning area?
Answer: 8.5" X 11.7" (216 mm X 297 mm), also called A4.
Does OpticPro come with software?   
Answer: Yes. OpticPro comes with OCR and image editing software. The OCR software allows OpticPro to recognize text documents and covert them into standard ASCII. The image editing software allows you to scan and edit color, grayscale and b/w images.
What is OCR?
Answer: OCR means Optical Character Recognition. OCR software allows you to read text documents (recognizing text from an image and convert it into an electronic text file -- ASCII), omit sections of documents before reading and add & correct characters through an interactive mode.
What is image editing?
Answer:  Image editing software allows you to scan images and edit them. After you have scanned an image to your system, you can change the contrast and brightness; add color and cut & past objects. You can also save images as various file formats: TIFF, JPEG and GIF.
Are there free software upgrades?
Answer:  There are upgrades available for only scanner drivers. There is no charge for the driver and it can be downloaded from our Website. There may be shipping & handling charges for scanner drivers that are shipped to your home or office.
Can I buy additional software for my OpticPro?
Answer:   Yes. You can use any scanning software that supports TWAlN.
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