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Printer Guide

  1. Bi-directional Communication
  2. Windows 95 / 98
  3. Windows 3.1x
  4. Print Spooling
  5. HP DeskJet printers
  6. Epson Stylus 500
  7. Lexmark 2030, 2050, 2070
  8. What do I do if this does not solve the situation?

Printer Questions & Problems:

For general troubleshooting questions, click here.

HP DeskJet printers

The following is an excerpt from a HP document. It describes how to disable bi-directional printer support for some HP printers.

Printing problems that are specific to bi-directional communication can be fixed by upgrading the hardware or by deactivating the bi-directional function of the printer driver (some features of the Status Monitor or Toolbox will be lost by deactivating bi-directional communication). This document provides information on how to disable bi-directional communication in Microsoft (R) Windows 3.lx and MS Windows 95.

Instructions for turning off bi-directional communication for MS Windows 3.lx and MS Windows 95 are listed below.

1. For Windows 3.lx: Open File, then Run in the Program Manager.

For Windows 95: Select Start, then Run.

2. On the command line, type the appropriate filename (see the table below for the appropriate filename in accordance with the printer) and choose OK.

3. Choose Continue in the message window.

4. Remove the X next to "Print Cartridge Query" and "Bi-directional Communication."

5. Choose OK.

6. Choose Restart Windows.

Printer Model Driver Version Operating System Filename
DJ600/660C 6.1-6xx Windows 3.1 HPVCNFIG.EXE
DJ66OCSE 6.3-66OCSE Windows 3.1 HPFCFGOl.EXE
DJ600/660C 7.0-6XX Windows 3.1/95 HPFCFGO2.EXE
DJ66OCSE 7.0-66OCSE Windows 3.1/95 HPFCFGO3.EXE
DJ66OC/66OCSE 8.0-660C Windows 3.1/95 HPFCFGO4.EXE
DJ68OC/682C 8.0-68X Windows 3.1/95 HPFCFGO4.EXE
DJ69OC 9.0-690C Windows 3.1/95 HPFCFGO5.EXE
DJ82OC 8.0/8.2-820C Windows 3.1/95 HPFCFGO4.EXE
DJBSOC/855C 7.0/7.01-85X Windows 3.1/95 HPRCFGOl.EXE
DJBSOC/855C 8.0-85X Windows 3.1/95 HPRCFGO2.EXE
DJ8SOC/855C 9.0-85X Windows 3.1/95 HPRCFGO3.EXE
DJ87OC 9.0-870X Windows 3.1/95 HPRCFGO3.EXE

NOTE: The bi-directional communication will be turned off after Windows is restarted.

If you cannot find an entry for your printer in the table above try searching your system for either HPFCFG*.EXE or HPRCFG*.EXE.

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Epson Stylus 500

If you are experiencing a problem printing with your Epson printer you should disable its print spooler. To do this from Windows 95

  1. Click on the Start button, go to Programs and select the Epson entry. From the Epson menu select Spool Manager3.
  2. In Spool Manager3 select your Epson printer for the list.
  3. From the menu bar select Queue.
  4. From the Queue menu select setup.
  5. In setup check the option to Use Print Manager for this port.
  6. Exit Spool Manager3.
  7. Click on the Start button and select Settings then Printers.
  8. Locate the icon for your Epson printer and click on it with the right mouse button.
  9. Select Properties from the bottom of the pop-up list.
  10. In the Printer Properties click on the Details tab at the top of the page.
  11. Click on the Port Settings button.
  12. Make sure that the Spool MS-DOS print jobs and Check port status before
  13. printing and not selected.
  14. Click on the OK button for both printer windows.
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Lexmark 2030, 2050, 2070

If you are experiencing a problem printing with your Lexmark printer you should disable its bi-directional communications.

What do I do if this does not solve the situation?

If the steps provided above do not solve your situation, we suggest that you install a second parallel to separate the Printer from the Scanner.

If you have any questions or comments concerning the steps provided above or any problems relating to your printer, we suggest that you contact your Printer Manufacturer for further assistance with this situation. They can walk you through the process of disabling bi-directional communication for your printer driver or troubleshoot any and all printer problems.

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