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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions or Problems

Scanner Models: All Flatbed Scanners (Except 4800P and FB II)

Problem: No light emits from the scanner.


Check the setting for the parallel port within the BIOS. The scanner works best with the parallel port set to I/O 378h and EPP. Listed below are a few systems and the appropriate settings that the scanner will work optimally at.

Common BIOS Entry Methods and Settings:

Computer Brand Parallel Port Settings BIOS Setup Key
IBM Aptiva

278/Compatible, or Bi-directional or
378 ECP/ EPP 1.9

Compaq 3BC-3BF, 7BC-7BE, IRQ 7, DMA 3 or
278-27F, 678-67A, IRQ 7, DMA 3
Sony 278/ IRQ 7, Bi-directional F3, then F2, or F1
Acer 378/ EPP Ctrl+Alt+Esc
Sharp Laptop 9020 378/ EPP F2
Toshiba Laptop 378/ Bi-directional Toshiba Utility
Packard Bell 378/ECP or Bi-directional (older models)
378/EPP (newer models)
F1 or F2
Dell 378/ EPP F1 or Del.
Hewlett Packard 378, IRQ 7/ EPP F1
Gateway 2000 378/ EPP F1
NEC 378/ EPP F2
Other Systems 378/ EPP

F1 or Del.

After you have the correct parallel port settings, reboot the computer verify the scanner through the Scanner Utility (located under Plustek Scanner in the Start Menu; click START, PROGRAMS, PLUSTEK SCANNER, SCANNER UTILITY). If the scanner light does not come on, do the following:

Windows 95 / 98

  1. Click on START
  2. Click on RUN
  3. Type System.ini and press OK
  4. Click on SEARCH
  5. Click on FIND
  6. Type ScannerParameters and press ENTER
  7. In the [ScannerParameters] section, edit or add the following lines:
  8. Port_ChipType=17
  9. Port_Mode=0
  10. Click on FILE
  11. Click on SAVE
  12. Click on FILE
  13. Click on EXIT
  14. Restart your computer

After restarting the computer, try a scan to see if the light comes on underneath the glass.

If the light still does not come on, there is something wrong with the scanner.  Please call .

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