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  1. If your scanner is working with all its software, we strongly suggest that you do not download software from this site. Installing new drivers can sometimes disable your scanner.
  2. The files marked as updates will update your current driver.  Your scanner software and old driver must be installed in order to update the driver.
  3. The files below contain the drivers and not the scanning applications.  To order a CD with the complete scanning software and drivers, please call 925-453-8888.

Windows 2000 Professional drivers for non USB based imaging devices can be found from our sister site at

Please be aware that these drivers are tested with Windows 2000 Professional, but not registered.

We cannot guarantee that it works on every system.


Locate your scanner and click on the scanner model to see what's available.

Scanner Model Description/ Specifications
OpticPro 1212U, UT12, U12, U12B Windows 98/ 2000 driver installation
OpticPro 9636P/12000P/FBIVP Windows 95/ 98 update driver installation
OpticPro 9636T/12000T Windows 3.xx and Windows 95/ 98
update driver installation.
OpticPro 600P/ 4831P Windows 3.xx and Windows 95/ 98 30-Bit
TWAIN source, and driver installation.
OpticPro A3I Windows 3.xx, Windows 95/ 98, Windows NT / 2000
driver installation.
OpticPro 9630P/ FBIV Windows 3.xx and Windows 95/ 98 30-Bit & NT
TWAIN source, and driver installation.
OpticPro 9630PL (Legal 14) Windows 3.xx and Windows 95/ 98 30-Bit
TWAIN source, and driver installation.
OpticPro 4830P/ FBIII Windows 3.xx and Windows 95/ 98 30-Bit
TWAIN source, and driver installation.
OpticPro 4800P/ FBII Windows 3.xx and Windows 95 24-Bit
TWAIN source, and driver installation.
Software Updates Description/ Specifications
TypeReader OCR TypeReader update for Windows 95 and Windows 3.xx.
Micrografx Micrografx update for Windows 95.
Action Manager 32    (1.18 Mb) This is the 32 bit version of the Action Manager.
How to Download a File
To properly download a file from Plustek's "Drivers" or "User Guides", first decide which one you need by reading the descriptions to the right of the file name carefully.

To download a file to your computer, please perform the following: Using your mouse, click on the file you want to download.

  1. If you are using Microsoft" Internet Explorer or Netscape, choose SAVE AS to save the file on your computer's hard disk drive.
  2. If you're using CompuServe" WEB Browser, click the file to begin downloading it to CompuServe's IN BOX located on your hard disk drive.
  3. After the file has been downloaded, decompress it using PKUNZIP. If you do not have PKUNZIP, download the shareware version of Winzip first.
  4. Start Windows and run SETUP located inside the download directory.

Note: Plustek offers a great variety of scanners. If the file you need is not present, please contact Plustek to obtain the proper software.

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