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August 15, 1999

Plustek Ships new generation of USB Flatbed Scanner with Easy Touch Buttons and USB plug and play connection. MSRP: $149

Livermore, CA Plustek Inc., today announced the release of the OpticPro U12B, their new generation slim flatbed CCD scanner. To make scanning easy for the PC novice, Plustek added 4 one-touch "Quick Action" buttons for quick scanning, copying, faxing, and OCR text converting. Each button launches the proper application for the user. With its low retail price of $149, the U12B is well suited for users seeking a scanner that offers greater versatility than standard flatbeds.

The U12B features a CCD image sensor, 36-bit color depth and an optical resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi (9600 dpi maximum). Full versions of Micrografx PicturePublisher , Adobe Photo Deluxe 2.0 and Xerox TextBridge are included. The UT12 ships to major retail locations October 1, 1999.

"The combination of a full-page USB scanner with an integrated film adapter for under $149 is too good of a value to pass on" said Flavio Lago, Senior Product Manager for Plustek USA, Inc. "The U12B is a cleverly designed scanner that allows new computer users to take advantage of its ease of use with the new Quick Action buttons."

The U12B offers more functions than previously available with scanners targeted to the home. With the trend in new affordable photo-quality printers, the U12B allows users to easily create their own photographs. The U12B also includes Plusteks own Action Manager 32 program. Action Manager 32 allows users to easily do a variety of faxing, copying or scanning activities.

The OpticPro U12B features a USB port design that offers an easy installation and ensures that no BIOS configuring is necessary. The OpticPro U12B scans images with a single pass and uses a cold cathode lamp for long bulb life and accurate tonal reproduction. The OpticPro U12B is fully TWAIN compliant and runs on Windows 98 operating systems.

For more information, contact Plustek at 1-800-685-8088, or visit their website at


Joseph Chan
Director of Public Relations
169 Pullman ST, Livermore, CA 94550.

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