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July 7, 1999

Plustek Announces Release of First Affordably Priced Slim CCD Color Flatbed Scanner Featuring Professional Quality Color Alignment: The OpticPro P12, MSRP $89.99

Livermore, CA Plustek Inc. today announced the release of the new generation OpticPro P12, the first affordably priced slim CCD scanner to offer professional quality color alignment. The P12 features true 36-bit output, an optical resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi (9600 dpi maximum) and Plusteks own Pixel by Pixel color technology. The OpticPro P12 ships to major retail locations October 15, 1999 with an expected retail price of $89.

"The P12 introduces many new high-end features to consumers for the first time," said David Chen, vice president of marketing at Plustek USA, Inc. "There is no better value on the market for someone looking for professional-quality scans at an affordable price."

The OpticPro U12 supports 36-bit input and capable of 24bit or 36bit output to supported applications for both the home and professional environment. Additionally, the P12 employs Plusteks own Pixel by Pixel technology. Pixel by Pixel technology produces sharp, accurate images by processing primary red, green, and blue values in one line as opposed to three lines, as with a Line by Line systems. Consequently, users are ensured accurate color alignment and the highest quality images possible.

The OpitcPro P12 also comes equipped with a valuable software bundle. Included with the P12 are full versions of Micrografx PicturePublisher 7.0 for image editing and Xerox TextBridge Classic for OCR work. And Adobe Photo Deluxe 2. Plusteks own Action Manager program has also been added offering users a variety of faxing, copying or scanning options all at the click of a virtual button.

The OpticPro P12 features a parallel port design for easy installation and is compatible with both Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) and Extended Capabilities Port (ECP) designs for fast transfer speed. The P12 scans images with a single pass and uses a cold cathode lamp for long bulb life and accurate tonal reproduction. The OpticPro P12 is fully TWAIN compliant and runs on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT operating systems.

For more information, contact Plustek at 1-800-685-8088, or visit their website at


Joseph Chan
Director of Public Relations
169 Pullman ST, Livermore, CA 94550.

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