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October 21, 1997

Plustek Unveils Industry's First Under $1000, Large Format A-3 (12"X17") Sized Color Flatbed Scanner: The OpticPro A3I

SUNNYVALE, CA Plustek announced today that their latest scanner in development, the OpticPro A3I, will be the first A3 (12"x17") sized scanner on the market offered below $1000. At an unprecedented street price of $499, the OpticPro A3I is the only large format scanner of its kind on the market today since competitive models easily cost more than $1,000. Micrografx Picture Publisher and Expervision's TypeReader software are included to further increase the A3I's value. The OpticPro A3I is the ideal choice for SOHO users who need the added benefits of scanning larger images. The OpticPro A3I can scan tabloid sized images or OCR up to two 8.5" x 11" pages of an open book. The OpticPro A3I will debut at Comdex fall 1997 in November and ship to major retailers shortly thereafter.

" The OpticPro A3I's size gives it a versatility that other SOHO scanners lack," said Kristy Holch, Principal at InfoTrends Research Group, Inc. "And because the A3I's price is below $1000, SOHO users can affordably take advantage of this new technology."

A low price does not mean important features were eliminated to cut costs. The OpticPro A3I is a 30-bit scanner that captures over one billion colors.

Scans are made with a single pass and a Cold Cathode Lamp provides illumination. Line details are distinct and sharp, thanks to the OpticPro A3I's true optical resolution of 400x800dpi.

Image editing and OCR software tools are bundled with the A3I. Micrografx' Picture Publisher offers a full suite of image-editing tools. Expervision's Type Reader won the honor of top OCR performer three years in a row by the Information Science Research Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Plustek made the OpticPro A3I easy to install as well. Setup involves simply plugging into the computer's Enhanced Parallel Port V thereby eliminating SCSI cards. The OpticPro A3I is fully TWAIN compliant and runs on both Windows 3.X and Windows 95 operating systems.

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Joseph Chan, public relations
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