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A process that involves either faxing, copying, performing OCR or scanning. An Action is modified or created inside the Action Creator.


A software program that lets users perform a task or set of tasks.


A setting to determine the brightness of light projected by the scanner onto the page being scanned. This lightens or darkens the resulting image. Brightening a page that has tightly spaced characters can improve the recognition.


Removing redundant data from a file in a way that the original file can later be completely reconstructed. The resulting compressed file requires less disk space than the original.


A method of eliminating an undesirable region of a document or picture.

Dialog Box

In Microsoft Windows, a window that interacts with the user.


A method of varying patterns of dots (a dithered pattern ) to simulate a grayscale. In a dither pattern, areas which are black will have more darker dots. Lighter areas will have fewer dots.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) see Resolution.

Drop Down List Box

Clicking on the menu opens a list screen that drops down from the selected item, allowing you to select from a list of items.


Enables a computer to communicate with special hardware devices (such as a scanner).


The period and characters that succeed a filename. For example: TIFF, BMP and PCX are common image file extensions.

File Type

A format used to define a file.


An image stored with 8 bits per pixel (256 shades of gray) that can be displayed or printed in shades of gray. Grayscale images require more disk space than a black & white image.


An image made up of black dots spaced to simulate different gray tones of the original image.


A visual representation of an object. In Microsoft Windows, each application program is represented by an icon.


Inverse reverses the colors of an image; black pixels for example, will change to white and white pixels will change to black.

Line Art

An image composed of lines that are black and white, and do not contain continuous tones.


The method used to scan, either Line-Art, Grayscale or Halftone.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

A technology in which binary images of character shapes are analyzed and identified as characters and output to editable text.


A process that enables you to zone (choose a portion of a document), and preview a document or picture before scanning.


The degree of detail in dots per inch (dpi); the higher the resolution, the more information will be scanned from the page image. Higher resolution images also require more disk space for storage.

Setting File

A file that contains Action settings, including type quality, image source, printer type, fax settings and resolution.


An image and scanner interface standard used for scanner and image program development.

Zone (Margin Handles)

A rectangular boundary that surrounds an area of text or an image. Zones can be defined by performing a prescan and then setting the area you wish to recognize.
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