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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions or Problems

Scanner Models: OpticPro 4830P and/or FBIII

Problem: Pentium II Computer locks up when the scanner software has been installed


Windows 95 / 98

1. Disconnect the scanner and your system should no longer lock up. You must use the latest driver available for this scanner. You must use the latest driver available for this scanner. This driver is available on the Plustek USA website. To determine if you have the latest driver, please locate the file c:\op4830\op4830.386. Once located, the date of the file should be 8/22/97 or later. If not, you will need to uninstall your scanner software and reinstall using the latest driver on the Plustek USA website.

To locate the driver:

  1. Click on START
  2. Click on FIND FILE(s) or FOLDERS
  3. Type OP*.386
  4. Click on FIND NOW

The driver is located at:

2. Step two requires that you have some working knowledge of your computer's BIOS. If you do not consider yourself to be an advanced computer user or you have never entered the computer's BIOS before, we suggest you contact your computer manufacturer for assistance with this step.

Computer Brand Parallel Port Settings BIOS Setup Key
IBM Aptiva

278/Compatible, or Bi-directional or
378 ECP/ EPP 1.9

Compaq 3BC-3BF, 7BC-7BE, IRQ 7, DMA 3 or
278-27F, 678-67A, IRQ 7, DMA 3
Sony 278/ IRQ 7, Bi-directional F3, then F2, or F1
Acer 378/ EPP Ctrl+Alt+Esc
Sharp Laptop 9020 378/ EPP F2
Toshiba Laptop 378/ Bi-directional Toshiba Utility
Packard Bell 378/ECP or Bi-directional (older models)
378/EPP (newer models)
F1 or F2
Dell 378/ EPP F1 or Del.
Hewlett Packard 378, IRQ 7/ EPP F1
Gateway 2000 378/ EPP F1
NEC 378/ EPP F2
Other Systems 378/ EPP

F1 or Del.

3. After the Parallel Port has been correctly configured, you will need to bypass Windows. As soon as you see the computer display:

Starting Windows 95....

You must quickly press the F8 key. The following Text should appear:

Microsoft Windows 95 Startup Menu


1. Normal

2. Logged (\Bootlog.txt)

3. Safe Mode

4. Safe Mode with network support

5. Step-by-step confirmation

6. Command prompt only

7. Safe Mode command prompt only

8. Previous Version of MS-DOS

Enter a choice:

Press 6 and then enter. The computer should boot into the DOS command prompt.

4. At the DOS prompt, please type the following:


cd windows

edit c:\windows\system.ini

The MS-DOS Editor should appear with the contents of the file c:\windows\system.ini.

5. Using the down arrow on your computer, bring the cursor to the section that says [ScannerParameters]. In that section, you need to add (if they do not exist) or modify the following lines:



6. After the changes have been made, Press the Alt key then the down arrow. In the upper left corner, highlight SAVE and press ENTER. Press the Alt key again and the down arrow. This time, highlight EXIT and press enter.

7. Conenct the scanenr back to your computer and restart your computer and allow your computer to boot normally.

The computer and scanner should now operate properly within Windows. Test the Keyboard and mouse to ensure that they both work properly. After you find that they both work, test the scanner by scanning an image into the computer through the Action Manager, Image In, Micrografx Photo Magic or any Twain-compliant image-editing program.

After the image has scanned into the computer, close the image and the program. Does the mouse and the keyboard still work?

If you can answer yes to both of these questions, then the situation is solved.

If this does not solve the problem, or you need assistance with this update, please feel free to contact our Technical Support department directly at for further assistance.

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