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Problem: When sending an image through e-mail the process takes too long or the file size is too big.

Reference: Saving files in JPEG format


When e-mailing images, it is important to choose the appropriate file type. If the image is a TIF, EPS or BMP file, the file size is probably too large and therefore would take a long time to send or receive. The best way to send an image is to send it as an attachment as a JPG file.

To save as a JPG file follow the directions below.

  1. Start the image editing Program (Picture Publisher, Photo Magic or other)
    1. Click on START
    2. Click on PROGRAMS
    3. Click on PLUSTEK SCANNER
  2. Click on FILE and then ACQUIRE
  3. That will bring up the TWAIN dialog box
    1. Change the settings as appropriate (Color 75, B&W 300, or Gray 150)
  4. Click on PRESCAN
  5. Your image will now appear in the prescan window. Move the dotted lines around your picture
  6. Click on SCAN
  7. When your picture is done scanning click on CANCEL on your TWAIN dialog box
  8. Your picture should now be on your screen. To save the picture in JPEG format, click on FILE then SAVE AS
  9. A normal save screen will appear where you can save your picture. Change the FILE TYPE to JPEG File Interchange (*.JPG)
  10. A JPEG Options screen will appear. Choose a compression ratio. A highly compressed image will be smaller in file size but poorer in quality. For starters, we suggest you choose a small number anywhere from 1 to 50 on the compress factor scale. You should also change the Subsampling box to:

YUV 4:4:4 (High Resolution). Then click on SAVE.

Your image should now be saved. To e-mail your picture, load your e-mail program. Within your e-mail program, look for a paperclip icon or look under Message on the menu bar for attachments. You will then need to search your hard drive for the name of your picture and attach the file to your e-mail.

Note: If you are unsure how to email pictures for files from your e-mail software, we suggest you contact your Internet Service Provider or the e-mail software documentation for further assistance with this situation.

If this does not solve the problem, or you need assistance with the process of saving images in JPEG format, please feel free to contact our Technical Support department directly at for further assistance.

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