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Scanner Models: All Flatbed Scanners

Problem: Error Message: "Scanner Not Found" or "Program was unable to find your scanner"


Check the setting for the parallel port within the BIOS. The scanner works best with the parallel port set to I/O 378h and EPP. Listed below are a few systems and the appropriate settings that the scanner will work optimally at. Please disconnect the printer before you make any changes to the BIOS.

Computer Brand Parallel Port Settings BIOS Setup Key
IBM Aptiva 278H/ Compatible, Bi-directional or EPP/ ECP Bi-directional, 378H/ Compatible, or 278H/ PS-2, or EPP/ ECP 1.9 F1
Compaq 3BC-3BF, 7BC-7BE, IRQ 7, DMA 3 or 278-27F, 678-67A, IRQ 7, DMA 3 F10
Sony 278H/ IRQ 7, Bi-directional F3, then F2, or F1
Acer 378H/ EPP Ctrl+Alt+Esc
Sharp Laptop 9020 378H/ EPP F2
Toshiba Laptop 378H/ Bi-directional Toshiba Utility (run setup from the DOS prompt)
Packard Bell 378H/ECP or Bi-directional F1 or F2
Dell 378H/ EPP F1 or Del.
Hewlett Packard 378H, IRQ 7/ EPP F1
Gateway 2000 378H/ EPP F1
Other Systems 378H/ EPP F1 or Del.

After you have the correct parallel port settings, reboot the computer verify the scanner through the Scanner Utility (located under Plustek Scanner in the Start Menu; click START, PROGRAMS, PLUSTEK SCANNER, SCANNER UTILITY). If the scanner light does not come on, do the following:

Windows 95 / 98

1. Click on START

2. Click on RUN

3. Type System.ini and press OK

4. Click on SEARCH

5. Click on FIND

6. Type ScannerParameters and press ENTER

7. In the [ScannerParameters] section, edit or add the following lines:



8. Click on FILE

9. Click on SAVE

10. Click on FILE

11. Click on EXIT

12. Restart your computer

After restarting the computer, the scanner should verify within the Scanner Utility program on the Start Menu under Plustek Scanner.

If this does not solve your situation, or you need assistance with this update, please feel free to contact our Technical Support department at for further assistance with this situation.

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