OpticPro 4800P/ FBII with LED: Software Updates/ Drivers

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Software Updates/ Drivers

OpticPro 4800P/ FBII with LED

Most OpticPro/FB II scanners with an LED (light emitting diode), located on the
front of the scanner next to the blue access button, must be upgraded to the
December 12, 1996 driver. To check to see whether you have the correct driver,
open your File Manager (WIN95 click START and RUN, type WINFILE and
click OK), and locate the scanner's directory: normally written as C:\FBSCANER.
Highlight the file named OPTICPRO.386. Next, click on the View menu located on
File Manager's menu bar and highlight ALL FILE DETAILS. If the date of
OPTICPRO.386 is 10-16-96, or earlier, please click on the below link to update
your system. If the date of OPTICPRO.386 is 12/12/96 or later, then you do not
need to perform this update.

After Downloading 1212.EXE
Disconnect from the Internet and close all open applications running.

Locate the file called 1212.EXE on your hard disk and double click it to update
your system. When finished, be sure to restart your computer so the changes will
take effect.

Software Update

File Size: 731k

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