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Software Updates/ Drivers

OpticPro 9636P/12000P/FBIVP

Important! Please read the file descriptions before you download.
After you download the file to your hard drive, locate the file and
double-click on the icon to update your system.
We don't recommend that you download any updates if your scanner is working.

Software Updates
The update requires that your current scanner software
is installed on your computer. It only updates the core
files for your scanner.

P600 Update Driver File: (Windows 95/ 98) Recommended Download

File Size: 1.09 Mb

Last updated on May 28, 1998. This file is a Recommended Update for all
OpticPro 9636P/1200P/FBIVP scanners. This Update solves the problem of
scanned images that are a 4"x6" picture at a resolution of 200 DPI and© the
middle part of the image becomes garbled.

Note: This update will be applied to future driver updates posted to this webpage.
If you have any questions as to this update, please feel free to contact Plustek's
Technical Support department.

© P600 NT Driver: © Windows NT 4.0 Workstation driver.

File Size: 1.44 Mb

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