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Why is the Year 2000 issue significant?

Whereas people see time as an endless continuum, computers and many applications record time and dates as just another number. As time progresses, the time number gets bigger. So a future date is always larger than a past date. However, many computer and software systems have been tracking and storing dates represented by only two digit years (e.g., 96 versus 1996). Without the century digits the last day of this millennium will be 99-12-31, and after the stroke of midnight many computers and programs will see January 1, 2000, as 00-01-01; which is a smaller number than the day before. Time will appear to have reversed causing miscalculations and inaccurate information to be reported.


Are Plustek's products Year 2000 compliant?

Yes, all of Plustek's scanners are Year 2000 compliant. The issue really revolves around computer system level BIOS, and not peripherals.


Are the software applications bundled with Plustek's products Year 2000 Compatible?

Plustek USA cannot guarantee that each and every application ever bundled with one of our scanners is Year 2000 Compliant. If you have any concerns, please contact the manufacturer of the application(s) for an update.